November 8, 2023

Wartime Girls Season 4: The Polish Fight Continues

Wartime Girls season 4 | 13 Episodes | Poland

WWII dramas are always in demand — and the fourth season of Polish Drama series Wartime Girls delivers in stunning fashion.

With a potent mix of action, romance, and a coming-of-age tale all rolled into one, the series racks the lives of three Polish women who decide to join the Polish resistance against the Nazi occupation of their country.

Our trio of heroines — think a 1940s European version of Charlie’s Angels — all hail from different backgrounds: Irka (Marta Mazurek) comes from a well-heeled Christian family, Ewa (the wonderful Vanessa Aleksander, a rising star in her native Poland) was raised by a band of petty thieves, and finally, Marysia the daughter of a wealthy Jewish businessman from Lodz.

With each season depicting one year of the war — season 1 begins on the night of the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939 — the team finds itself deeply entrenched in the secret war against the German regime by the beginning of this newest season. Similarly, the bonds that brought Ewa, Marysia, and Irka together in season 1 have already blossomed into a close sisterhood bound together by their shared mission.

With a well-kept mix of action, romance, and drama, the series provides a lush portrait of the period alongside the stuff of feature action films — with daring actions including bombing a Nazi-endorsed newspaper factory and robbing a German soldier of his weapons to decoding encrypted messages, and of course, stealing money when necessary.

Polish WWII drama Wartime Girls returns for its fourth season on ChaiFlicks.

Wartime Girls provides a highly engaging and realistic depiction of how the lives of ordinary citizens were affected by the Nazi occupation through the perspective of three female fighters. A story not often told, viewers are sure to have a cathartic experience while watching Marysia, Irka, and Ewa simultaneously combat the war, anti-Semitism, and the occasional sexist interaction.

As the series continued to rise in popularity in its native Poland with each successive season, it is evident that each season was given even more attention to details, rising production investment and more intricate storylines — making the fourth season of Wartime Girls a boon for dedicated followers.

Catch up on three seasons' worth of action and get a start on the fourth season of Wartime Girls, now streaming exclusively on ChaiFlicks.