What's New on ChaiFlicks

From new seasons of audience favorite "Wartime Girls" to new Israeli series and documentaries, ChaiFlicks members are going to be treated to a whole slew of new and exciting programming this fall. Scroll down for some programming highlights and a longer list of releases below. More films and docs are slated to be added throughout the fall, so make sure to tune back in to see what else is new!

The Elected - September 7

The Elected

A new documentary series exploring the groundbreaking achievements of Israel's female politicians elected to the Knesset — Israel’s Parliament — throughout the years.

Their right right to vote or be elected was never a given, and remains a struggle to this day. Through interviews with MKs, experts and journalists, combined with rare archive footage, this series documents their struggle for representation and a seat at the decision-making table.

From leading a political party to becoming Prime Minister — female Israeli politicians past and present have shown every glass ceiling is meant to be broken. With rare candor, past and current female MKs from various political parties give audiences a window into their journey.

The Elected will be streaming exclusively on ChaiFlicks across its territories starting September 7.

Normal - October 4

The Elected

This polished Israeli drama making its international debut comes from Israeli writer Lior Dayan, son of legendary actor and writer Assi Dayan (In Treatment) and grandson of storied Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan.

Like Lior Dayan, his on-screen Noam counterpart is a burgeoning young writer, struggling with the weight of his family's lineage, and his father's very presence.

Produced by Dori Media (Shtisel), Normal will be streaming exclusively on ChaiFlicks across its territories starting October 4.

Wartime Girls - November 7

We know there are a LOT of you waiting for this new season (Wartime Girls 4)

The Polish audience favorite returns for a fourth season exclusively on ChaiFlicks!

Follow along as Mirka, Eva, and Marysia as they fight the German occupation of their country during World War II. As they join, fight, and then lead the Polish resistance movement, the three rebels must find a way to come together against a common cause — the freedom of their people.

Season 4 of Wartime Girls will stream on ChaiFlicks across all of the platform's territories starting November 7. The first three seasons of Wartime Girls is now streaming on ChaiFlicks.