November 29, 2023

Schmoozing and Cruising: Tripping on Kosher Americana

Even among the Jewish community, Kosher food is either looked down upon or misunderstood (Parve anyone?). Schmoozing and Cruising: Tripping on Kosher Americana, our newest series hosted by C.W. Silverberg is here to change that.

Kosher food with a twist

Our host CW is a self professed Kosher “kind-of-kepping-Jew” from the Midwest, who has made it his life’s mission to explore the diversity and richness of kosher food in America. His long-running web series, Tripping Kosher, has seen him visit diverse food establishments across the country. And on Schmoozing and Cruising, CW and his crew take it to the next level.

As he embarks on his travels he makes sure to explain to non-Kosher viewers that the dietary restrictions of a Kosher diet does not prevent the food from being absolutely mouth-watering. With each episode focusing on a different cuisine — from Texas BBQ, to Donuts, Chinese food, and more — Schmoozing and Cruising illuminates the diversity and quality of Kosher food in America today.

Silverberg kicks off his journey in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, which lives by the phrase “every Jew is an important Jew”. Located in Crown Heights is Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse, who makes Kosher Texas-style barbeque with a Jewish twist.

Established in 2015, the smokehouse is the first authentic wood-burning Kosher smokehouse in New York City. Beef is a fundamental staple in the Jewish diet, and so Izzy’s menu marries dedication with tradition — featuring briskets smoked for over 12 hours and a pastrami sandwich so delicious we had to go try it ourselves.

Izzy Mandel of Izzy's Smokehouse in Crown Heights, BK and Schmoozing and Cruising host CW Silverberg

From there, CW travels to New Jersey, Ohio, and California. From the Wandering Que’s value-driven cooking to Mendel’s “Rabbi Q” —  Schmoozing and Cruising travels the open roads of America and showcases how fun, diverse, and flat out delicious kosher cooking can be.

With more episodes launching biweekly throughout the winter, this series will be the perfect way to explore new places and new, 100% Kosher food.

Schmoozing and Cruising: Tripping on Kosher Americana is now streaming exclusively on ChaiFlicks.