Israel At War | ChaiFlicks Statement

We are horrified by the events unfolding in Israel. The details of the horrendous attack on the country — on Shabbat morning, as the joyful period of the High Holidays draws to a close — need not be recounted here. Too many innocent lives have been lost. Too many lives are still at risk as the fighting continues without end currently in sight. 

In these trying times, it is important to reiterate where we stand — unflinchingly, unequivocally united behind Israel at her time of need. 

Part of our mission here at ChaiFlicks is to connect the world to Israel’s wonderful culture and its people. On this solemn day and in the period of uncertainty still to come, we will continue to fulfill this mission with bowed heads and steeled hearts. We encourage those of our members who are able to do so, to donate in support of Israel through the UJA Jewish Federation of New York, that is on the ground in South Israel and directly aiding those affected by this week's violence.

Throughout the ages, when the Jewish people have faced innumerable trials, one ancient truth still stands: Am Israel Chai — the Jewish people and the spirit of Israel live on.